Devil's Playground


  •  Devil’s Playground (5:52) (2016)

  •  Teleport Us to Mars (8:14) (2017)

    The theme of this exhibition is disconnection and isolation. In each film I explore how we as individuals got disconnected to the space and time surrounding us, the sense of isolation and the elements that we use (often unintentionally) to construct these feelings in our heads. My films are not documentations, nor they are scripted. Instead I focus on creating an environment through sounds and motions where people experience things or feelings that are not all pleasant.

    “Devil’s Playground” and “Teleport Us to Mars” are two very similar films with different approaches to the theme of this exhibition. The experience in “Devil’s Playground” is subtle, where the anxiety and the isolation comes from the simple sound of a clicking clock and the three main scenes through out the film. Anticipation plays a big part in this film because the audience never know when to expect another twist. In “Teleport Us to Mars” I throw the audience with an overwhelmingly amount of information continuously, it starts an intense experience and it never seems to stop. Like a small dose of LSD, I want to exhaust my audience while taking them on a journey away from the reality, to an imaginative world.