I like to have fun. I think being able to have fun is essential

to living in this stressful society. That is why playfulness is a

big part of my work. Instead of creating something literal and

humorous, I am more interested in the “basics”. By putting

together different colors, shapes, marks, materials and

compositions, I am able to create visually pleasing and

interesting spaces in my work.

I enjoy working in multiple formats and mediums, and I

never just “paint” in any process. I also draw, photograph,

design textiles, organize, print and collage, and these are all part

of the process in most of my work.


My work is highly influenced by minimal modern art, pop art

and high-end fashion in my choice of mark making, color and

material. I think high-end fashion and fine art are similar in the way

they are both non functional and require the application of aesthetic or beauty.

I am also really drawn to rectangular shapes. most people look at

rectangles everyday without even noticing it. I like to think about

the shape and how it becomes so powerful; I like how it is the most

common separation between us and almost everything nowadays.


My method of putting all the elements together is through

layering and organizing. I would apply layers of paint in order to get a

certain texture, think compositionally about the placement for each

element, organize everything on the canvas until I am satisfied with

the result. This allows me to experiment with my work during the

process, so I always end up with something completely different

from what I had planned.